Choose the type of education according to your needs & preferences

  • Group lessons :
  • Follow a group rhythm (4 to 5 people) and interact with each other orally.
  • The courses offered are based on themes proposed by your teacher.
  • Depending on the level chosen (beginner or intermediate), we offer you different hour class slots.
  • Group videoconferences are accompanied by a lesson made available by your teacher.
  • Find in your personal profile all your common courses (text & audio formats).
  • Private lessons :
  • The lessons are between your teacher and you, in order to guarantee an optimal quality of learning.
  • You can choose between themes or language learning.
  • Choose your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), then define the best hour class slots.
  • The videoconferences are interactive (virtual whiteboard, document sharing or image / video media) and are accompanied by your personalized lesson.
  • Find in your personal profile all your courses (text & audio formats).

How are the lessons going?

It's simple, fun and interactive.

Here is a video presentation of the site :

Video conference calls

Connect to your profile, and click on "Start Course".

Lesson available during the course

Follow your lesson in real time during your lessons.

Interactive courses

You can interact with your teacher in real time during the lesson.

What about after live lesson?

Revise at your own pace and practice pronunciation.

Access to lessons (text and audio)

Access your resources whenever you want from your profile.